9 Liquor Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

By | April 15, 2024

“I’ve got several bottles of single malt in various cellars that I’ve had open for 25 years and they’re just about as good as I remember when I opened them,” says Lumsden. Tips, helping vs enabling tricks, and endless ways to make more space in your life. We’ll grab everything from your home and transport it to our secure, temperature-controlled storage facility.

  1. Such problems may become more prominent when you’re no longer using alcohol to cover them up.
  2. At the very least, you may find some good-value gift sets that include a larger bottle with a few smaller freebies, which can be a good way to try out new varieties.
  3. “This process is also useful for checking the integrity of your wine when dining out,” explains Hoel.
  4. “The refrigerator is often the best place and can go a long way to keeping your wine fresh. This slows down the process of wine oxidizing since the molecules are now moving very slowly.”

The ideal temperature for storing most types of liquor is between 55°F and 65°F (12°C and 18°C). This temperature range ensures that the liquid remains stable and prevents any drastic fluctuations that can affect the taste and quality. Avoid storing your liquor in areas that are too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures can cause the flavors to deteriorate and potentially ruin the bottles. You’ve sought the expert advice of a service like Winc’s Wine Club and now you have a few bottles customized to your tastes—how long will they last?

Oxidation will begin to change a wine’s color and taste, but that doesn’t always mean your wine has gone bad. “In fact, this process is the reason we decant wines before drinking, as the flavors are often enhanced by oxygen,” says Hoel. Using a decanter not only aerates the wine but also helps separate out sediment from older vintages. “However, there is a point that it stops enhancing the wine, and starts turning it into vinegar.” Just avoid storing bottles in pockets of high heat or in locations where temperatures fluctuate drastically, such as next to the dishwasher or stove. Above all, don’t stash a collection on top of the refrigerator, says Robinson.

How to Store Sparkling Wine

From timeline to temperature, here’s everything you need to know about how to store wine at home. For those of you who’ve been hanging on to that good bottle of bourbon for years, it’s time to get sipping. And like regular wine, it will eventually oxidize, so it needs to remain in the fridge once it’s been uncorked. Follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry about your wine falling flat, whether you’re opening a bottle for tonight’s casserole, next week, or a few years down the line. However, rising mercury can cause the contents of a bottle to expand, potentially causing the stopper or cork to pop. Spirits stored below that range won’t be harmed, although some—notably those that are not chill-filtered—may take on a cloudy or hazy appearance.

A simple wire mesh basket on the kitchen counter from Country Living:

A good bottle of wine deserves proper care so you can enjoy it at its best. Researchers from Bacardi presented some detailed information on the effects of light and heat on booze at an event in 2015. Their in-house tests suggested that heat can change the way a spirit tastes, by breaking down its organic molecules, and that light can fade the color of a spirit. Again, this kind of deterioration won’t make you sick (well, unless you drink to excess, obviously), but it’s also not the kind of “aging” that distillers and vintners work so carefully to create. “Home storage of distilled spirits is a constant competition between convenience and preservation,” said Allen Katz, co-founder of New York Distilling Company.

Ways to Keep a Stocked Liquor Cabinet for Cheap

For everything you can’t fit in your home (like the collection of vinyl records and shoes you moved to make room for your liquor display, #priorities), use Clutter. This charming DIY project from A Beautiful Mess hits all those points. Not only does this liquor cabinet safely store all your alcohol, it doubles as stylish wall decor wherever you hang it.

Just clear the shelves and add bottles of liquor, glasses, napkins, and cocktail mixers. Showcase your prettiest liquor bottles alongside your book collection. Not only does liquor make a unique decorative addition to a bookcase (or China cabinet, like in the photo above), but it’s also a surprisingly convenient storage spot. Liven up a console table by using it as a makeshift bar cart.

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