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By | April 26, 2024

So you’re basically a virtual receptionist and the job sounds simple enough. This is one of the best places for freelancers to find remote jobs. Clients view our Sparents as partners in the success of their business, not just an interchangeable virtual assistant. You work for us on tasks to assess the quality of your work, communication and problem-solving skills, time management, and personality.

You can proofread a wide variety of content from blog posts to books to online course material, making it an interesting work-from-home job for stay-at-home moms. The demand for virtual assistants is soaring all around the world. So if you have the necessary skills, you are more than ready to embark on your virtual assistant career.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

As a working parent, unlimited PTO is, of course, a great perk. But check and see if your employer could offer wellness days (AKA mental health days) that staff is encouraged to take every month. Or, if you do have unlimited PTO, ask if HR will institute “mandatory minimums,” which is a required amount of PTO everyone needs to take off every year. And even when a company offers unlimited PTO, most employees don’t take nearly as much time off as they do when they have a defined PTO benefit. Although flexible schedules are often most desired by working parents, there are additional ways companies can support them (and their nonparent employees too).

  • Virtual assistants need strong communication skills to interact with clients and understand their requirements.
  • Moms who possess excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for helping others can become virtual life coaches.
  • However, the job title has expanded to include many more industries that can benefit from data mining and economic forecasting.
  • With this part-time job, you can choose your own schedule, and you don’t need any special WFH equipment.
  • However, some require you to carry out your tasks during certain times of the day for a fixed number of days a week.

Between completing household chores, taking care of the children, and many other errands and tasks, it might seem impossible to find time to find a stay at home mom job. As you can see, there are a multitude of options for moms who want to have a career they can be proud of while still spending time at home with their kids. You can use your college degree and prior work experience to find a consulting job that you can work at from home. Both short-term and long-term assignments are typically available, which offer a great deal of flexibility.

Remote Disney Jobs: How to Work for Disney from Home

In this post, you’ll find our ultimate list of legit SAHM jobs along with their average pay and resources for further reading. Becoming a VA could turn this time into a productive money-making venture instead of wasted time. VAs are freelancers, so they work doing whatever they feel like doing in that moment.

Dropshipping gives you the ability to sell products without keeping any live products in stock. Your online store will promote and sell products, but a third-party supplier will keep the inventory in stock and send the product to the customer. It’s market research to help them create better products, and examine what’s working and what isn’t working for customers around the world. You could also look for a part-time job at a local gym, church, or daycare. Some of these places may let you bring your child to work with you for free. This can become a great form of passive income making it a perfect stay at home mom job.

Bilingual Part-Time Jobs

So it’s important to keep working at it, and to find other ways to bring in an income in the meanwhile. Do you love being around dogs but can’t commit to having one of your own? There is a big demand for dog walking for people who work long hours away from the home as well as dog sitting for when dog owners go out of town.